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Mondays and Wednesdays
at 19:30

Would you like to learn new ways of expressing yourself with confidence and playfulness? Sign up for our new theater group!
Immerse yourself in the world of imagination, where you can weave fresh narratives, bring to life unique characters, and fearlessly convey your emotions. Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore your creative side in a supportive and engaging environment!
Feel at home in a social environment
Come and meet our community! We are people from different ages and nationalities. We have created a cozy and safe place for you!
In our improv groups, everything is accepted. It's a place where we can learn about ourselves and make new friends. We always treat each other kindly, and most important: we share lots of laughs! Whether someone tells a really funny story or the teacher suggests a silly game, it is always pure entertainment.

Boost your creativity

Every session has a different goal, set by our dedicated instructor, David. For example, in some meetings, we will focus on body expression: let's interact with the imaginary objects on stage! On other occasions, we will develop the ability to create a new character on the spot: how far can we improvise without prior preparation?

Normally, the sessions are divided into two parts. In the beginning, the instructor introduces the topic. Together or in small groups, we explore the topic through games and exercises. In the second half of the lesson, we create scenes. The idea is to apply what we've learned while improvising some great stories!


At Pandora Studio
De Constant Rebecquestraat 3, 2518RB Den Haag

Every Monday and Wednesday 19.30-21:00

Both groups are full at the moment!
Adults from all ages and nationalities!
The activity is in english and there is no experience required

Come to your
 first meeting for free!

Share your talent with
friends and family

Every three months, we arrange open presentations where we perform in front of our friends and family. It's a wonderful opportunity for us to progress together and practice  the same games we've been working on in the lessons.
Our improv show is not professional, we are an amateur group who loves doing our best.  Of course, participation is voluntary, and rest assured, no improvisers are harmed during the show!


Hey there! My name is David and I am the improv instructor at Pandora Studio. I have been on stage since my clock started ticking. Being part of a collective of people who love the arts is my lifeline and my way of living!

Three years ago, I discovered a special art form within theatre called "Improvisation." Since then, I have dedicated my time, sweat, and sometimes even my desired sleeping time to it. The rest is history.
Come to our meetings every Monday or Wednesday and start being creative with us!

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