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Motivations and Values

Pandora Studio was born out of our vocation for the social. From the wish to offer activities that help to slow down the pace of our busy lives, artistic activities that strengthen the bonds of the people in the neighbourhood (and the surrounding area) and thus create community, a community that tries, through art, to face the adversities of everyday life with an extra dose of optimism. 


The project was created by Carla Peña, Alaia Ferran and Imanol Casán. All three of us are professional musicians, we came to The Netherlands to study at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, and after that, we have settled in the city. During the pandemic, we felt in our own skin the isolation and the fracture of our social life, in a country that was new to us


The three of us wanted to actively participate in the organisation and promotion of cultural activities in The Hague. The project was born out of the need to create new meeting points in the aftermath of the pandemic, and to give the opportunity to meet new people through art and culture. A space that could support those new expats, who came to the city in difficult times and have not been able to create their social life here. 


Pandora started as an impossible dream and little by little, with a lot of hard work and enthusiasm, it has become what it is now: a cultural space with an international character. A home that reinvents itself with each new inhabitant that passes through it and that helps us to reinvent ourselves as well.

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