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We hope you had a great experience during your trial session at Pandora Studio!
To complete your enrollment, please select one of the following activities:


All activities have a fee of €60 per month, except for the Kids Choir which is €54. 

When you sign up, you need to fill in a form, make a first payment, and after, the monthly subscription will be deducted automatically from your bank account on the 2nd day of the month. 

The first calendar month that you join the choir, it’s possible to pay only for the sessions that you will attend. The price of each session is €15. You can choose the amount of sessions that you will come in the first month. Please, do not count the first session, since it is a free trial :)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay per session after the first month. However, you can pause the subscription for at least a month if necesary.

We have a WhatsApp group with all the members of the group to communicate with each other! You will receive an email after the payment is completed with a link to join it.


You can cancel your subscription anytime by sending an email to 15 days before the new month starts.

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